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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Where are games played?

A) Games will be played locally at Aptos High School and Soquel High School.

Q) How long are flag football games?

A) Games are comprised of two 20 minute halves and a 5 minute halftime break. Prior to the game, teams will have a 15 minute warm up period. In total, players will be on the field about 1 hour.

Q) When are games played?

A) Games are played on Sundays only, typically between 9am and Noon. The official game schedule will be available soon.

Q) How often will my child have practice?

A) Practice times are determined by individual team coaches, however, practices have typically been held two times per week.

Q) Are uniforms provided by the league?

A) The league provides an official NFL flag football jerseys for each player. Families are responsible to purchase a mouthguard, football cleats (or soccer cleats work too), plain black sport shorts and socks based on the team colors.

Q) What is the purpose of Assessments?

A) The purpose of assessments is to evaluate each player's skill level. Players of all skill levels will be accepted - from beginner to advanced. Assessing skills will also assist the league in forming equally competitive teams, spreading out skill levels between teams.

Q) What is the purpose of your Skills Clinic?

A) The purpose of our Skills Clinic is two-fold. Our clinic will provide an opportunity for kids to learn the sport of flag football in a fun, camp environment. For those participants already exposed to the sport, the clinic will provide them with the opportunity to expand and build on their existing skills.

Q) Are parents and siblings able to watch the Skills Clinic?

A) Parents and siblings are more than welcome to watch the events throughout the day.

Q) Why are teams allowed to bring in 3 players to the draft?

A) NFL Flag Football in the north county started as an Aptos expansion to the Watsonville Flag Football league. As demand for flag football grew in the north county, the Central Coast Flag Football league was created, separate from the Watsonville Flag league. This was done so that each league could better meet the needs of it's participants. Central Coast Flag Football league did adopt some of the rules and regulations that guided the Watsonville Flag Football league including allowing coaches to bring in set numbers of players to their team. As CCFF continues to develop, best draft practices will continue to be reviewed. In 2012 we reduced the number to 5 players and in 2013 we reduced the number again down to 3 players allowed prior to the draft.

Q) Are friend/school requests allowed?

A) Friend requests are not allowed in order to make the team selection process more equitable. If you would like to bring 3 kids together on a team, you have the opportunity to coach a team and that would allow you to ensure that 3 players are together on a team. School/Friend requests can not be accomodated otherwise.