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Posted Jun 20, 2012

Registration for Central Coast Flag Football opens on May 21st, 2019.  Early registration is open from May 21st and goes through July 1st.  Regular registration will go from July 2nd through August 5th.  If you have more than one child to register, please register them at the same time to receive your multi-player discount.   

Fees are $120 per player for early registration and $140 per player during regular registration period.  The family/multi-player discount is $10.

Important Note:  For those of you that do not know the Santa Cruz Flag Football League canceled their 2016 season and due to this, CCFF is expecting a higher volume of registrants than in years past.  Although we are excited to have more players in our league, we are unsure if we can accommodate everyone due to the amount of field space we acquire for games and practices.  We will be taking all registrations and after the registration period ends we’ll assess if we have the resources to accommodate everyone.  It is possible we may have to turn away and refund some players.  If this is the case, first priority will be given to returning CCFF players.  The CCFF Board is currently discussing what is most fair beyond that.  Our goal is to not turn anybody away but at this point we do not know what to expect.  Unfortunately we just became aware of the cancelation of SC’s season otherwise we would have been more prepared.  Thank you for your understanding and we’re looking forward to another fun season.

Thank you!


Registering online is easy and quick!

Just follow these simple steps:

You'll be asked to create a member account if you don't already have one. Simply click the "Create A New Account" option when asked to log in to the registration system.
After you create your new member account, you'll need to choose "Register Now" you will be asked to fill in parent information
Choose the age group for your player and then fill out the player information. You'll be asked if you want to add more players or to finish registration and pay.

After you've filled in your parent and player(s) information, you'll see your total fees and can choose to pay by check or by debit or credit card online.
Note: No credit card information is EVER stored on our computers and all information is encrypted for your security.